The Mission

The Mission

Your Vote Is Magic! … building a NEW generation of future voters.

In a joint venture with GiftsToGive, we have a simple vision – to enlighten and educate young people about the power of their vote and participating citizenship.

The late Calvin Dillies, passed on his beliefs about voting and civic responsibility, to his daughter Lyn, an award winning Illusionist, and ever since, she has been on a mission, using her magic to inspire young people about the importance of voting in their lives.

Historic Voting Illusion

In 2008, in time for the presidential election, Lyn had a vision of a magnificent way to deliver a powerful, visual statement about voting. Out of thin air, she made the two live political mascots appear – a donkey and an elephant! She called her public service campaign Your Vote Is Magic!

Lyn continued her mission by writing a book about the year long journey of her Your Vote Is Magic! Illusion and chronicled what it took to pull off the amazing spectacle. But more importantly, it included an overview of voting history for the reader. Still, Lyn felt compelled to do more. In 2014, she used her skills as an illusionist and lecturer, and created an exciting live presentation of Your Vote Is Magic! Lyn’s unique program strategically integrates some of her spectacular illusions from her national touring show with informative lessons about voting. It is empowering, educational, as well as entertaining. It really is magical!

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