The Program

The Program

EMPOWERING, EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINING…students are riveted as Lyn seamlessly weaves her magic into a PowerPoint presentation that teaches valuable lessons about voting history and citizenship.

Lyn talks about the beginning of her career which includes overcoming her shyness and being bullied in school leading up to the inspiration and creation of Your Vote Is Magic!


  • Origins of the political mascotsVote
  • Examples of close elections proving every vote matters
  • How does voting impact my life?
  • Summary of voting history including a segment on the Woman’s Suffrage Movement and the Selma to Montgomery March.
  • 15th, 19th, 26th Amendment and the Voting Rights Act
  • Cameos of veterans explaining what voting means to them


Young-people-votingEASY TO PRESENT: Lyn and her crew customize the program to fit any sized auditorium or venue.  A screen and projector is required for her Powerpoint.

CURRICULUM:  Teachers can connect the program to a lesson plan which can include a writing assignment.   Besides learning about the importance of voting, students are inspired by Lyn’s valuable lessons about making a difference, and what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles in achieving your dream.

ESSAY CONTEST: “What Voting Means To Me” Calvin Dillies Scholarship Award

This is offered to High School seniors to enter. The winner of the essay contest would receive a $500 scholarship toward their future education. Winner would be determined by a committee of school educators.

VOTER REGISTRATION: is set-up at high schools for students who are eligible to register to vote after the assembly.