“It is difficult to impress high school seniors, who are generally “too cool” to be amazed by anything. Not the case with last week’s performance and the “Your Vote is Magic” presentation. Students were prepared to be blasé, but were quickly reeled in by your feats of illusion. Woven into the program was the message about the importance of voting and accepting their civic responsibility. Students were respectful throughout the performance, and many of them thanked us when it was over for bringing your show to DHS. Following the performance there were many inquiries about where and when they could register to vote.

Similarly, staff members were equally drawn in by the illusions, as well as the lessons about voting. They liked the idea that, while the illusions were the “hook”’ the information about the history of voting was made relevant by weaving in some local history. You personalized the lesson by sharing information about your father, and how it stirred the passion in you that became “Your Vote Is Magic.” It was noted that when hearing the first-hand stories of the Veterans of past wars, students were appropriately moved and even applauded them. In summary, the message of the presentation was cleverly delivered and well received by both students and staff. It was a truly worthwhile experience.

I am grateful for your service to Dartmouth High School. I highly recommend this show for other schools to host. Thank you.”

John Gould, Ed. D.
Principal, Dartmouth High School

“Your Vote is Magic” was amazing! Kudos to you for creating a show where you were able to capture the attention of the youth in the audience and bring attention to one of American’s most valuable rights…the right to VOTE!! I was very impressed with how you touched on the history of voting, how we earned our right to vote, and how every vote will affect our future, from the local level to the national level. Thank you for sharing your two passions with our Town’s youth, your passion for magic and your passion for the importance of exercising the Right to Vote!!”

Dolores Berge, CMMC
Somerset Town Clerk

After watching Lyn Dillies perform “Your Vote is Magic” at our local High School, I was speechless. The performance combined powerful illusions to show just how important one vote can be and can make a difference. It’s a must see for any citizen and also for those who are not yet of voting age. I would highly recommend this program to any and every school district across the nation!

Joshua Brum
Assistant Registrar of Voters
Town of Westport, MA

“Your Vote Is Magic” was a wonderful way to grab the attention of the students with a blend of history and entertainment to teach them about civic responsibility.

David Lanczycki
Somerset Berkley Regional High School Principal